Patucos artesanales made in Villena (Alicante)

Quality booties for happy children

Patucos Índice is a family-run business, specialized in the manufacture of booties and supported by the years of experience of its employees in the world of the footwear. Our main task is take care of the baby's feet, by ensuring quality and comfort totally necessary in that first stage of their lives, and under paediatric indications, making a shoe comply with the child's needs.

We are located in Villena (Alicante), a city long-established in the tradition of the shoes, that gives our customers the safety of having in the hands a well done article, with an excellent finishing and first quality materials.Our craftsmen´s hands take care for the finest detail of every shoe, marking this way the difference with similar products in the market.

We principally make traditional styles, shoes of all life, but without neglecting design and innovation in both colors and materials.

Our main goal is offering an article which wins the confidence of our customers, with a value-for-money very difficult to improve.

If you're interested in selling our booties, do not doubt to contact us, we´ll be charmed to helping you. If you want your baby´s feet to be dressed with quality booties, ask for us in the nearest shop, don't forget.... Patucos Índice

Patucos de calidad hechos a mano en Villena (Alicante)

Handmade shoes

We maintain the spirit and tradition of manufacturing, deeply rooted in the production of footwear in our city. Artisan manufacture that ensures a shoe made with love from the design of the pattern to the final finish, backed by more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture and commercialization of booties.

Patucos Indice are expert hands that care about making shoes that take care of children's feet without forgetting design, trends and quality.

We bet and will continue betting on handmade shoes.